International Committee

The International Committee of the CBA is committed to publicising and promoting international opportunities for criminal barristers, looking outside traditional areas of practice for our members.

The International Criminal Court Bar Association

The International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA) is an independent, professional association representing the interests of Counsel and legal Support Staff who represent victims, defendants and other actors (such as witnesses) before the International Criminal Court. The ICCBA serves as a collective voice for its membership, and provides them a range of support and services, as well as acting as a forum for discussion on all matters pertaining to the Court. The ICCBA’s operations are primarily funded by the subscriptions paid by its members, and it is governed by an elected President and Executive Council, with eight elected standing committees responsible for specific issues and activities.

For more information on the ICCBA

If members have any questions on the ICCBA, The ICCBA focal points for the United Kingdom are David Young [ [email protected]] and Rodney Dixon QC [[email protected]]


David Young

Director of International Affairs

Red LIon Chambers, 18 Red Lion Court, London
Tel: 0207 520 6000
[email protected]