Intoxication, Addiction and the Criminal Law

Intoxication, Addiction and the Criminal Law

Co-Hosted by the Sussex Crime Research Centre (CRC) and Sussex Addiction Research and Intervention Centre (SARIC)

The conference brings together international experts from across law, philosophy and neuroscience to discuss intoxicated and/or addicted offenders. We will investigate the impact of intoxication on the brain of a defendant, and how this links with increased criminal behaviour. We will analyse the legal response to intoxicated offenders who lack ‘mental fault’ due to their state of intoxication, questioning what the legal response should be. And we will explore the complicating factor of addiction, understanding the physical and mental impacts of the disease, and how (if at all) this effects/should effect criminal responsibility. The conference also launches a research project into the design of a new ‘prior fault offence’.


When: Saturday 13th January 2018, 9:00-17:30

Where: Conference Centre, Bramber House, University of Sussex

Fully Catered & Free Parking On-Site


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Confirmed Speakers:

Douglas Husak, Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University, US – ‘Intoxication and Culpability’

Val Curran, Professor of Psychopharmacology, University College London, UK – Title TBC

Paul H. Robinson, Colin S. Diver Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School, US – ‘What Effect Should Intoxication Have on Criminal Liability?’

Dora Duka, Professor of Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex, UK – ‘Acute and Chronic Effects of Alcohol on Cognitive and Emotional Processes’

Ronnie Mackay, Professor of Criminal Policy & Mental Health, De Montfort University, UK – ‘The Fault Factor in Automatism and Insanity’

Susan Dimock, Professor of Philosophy, York University, CA – ‘No Penal Principle is Sacred: Impacts of a Failed Approach to Intoxicated Offenders’

Aldo Badiani, Professor of Psychology & Addiction Medicine, University of Sussex, UK – ‘Drug addiction is a brain disease but not a drug-induced brain disease’

Project team: John ChildHans CrombagRudi Fortson QC – ‘A New Prior Fault Offence: The Challenges Ahead’


Conference Organisers:

Hans Crombag, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Sussex

John Child, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Sussex

Stavros Demetriou, Lecturer in Law, University of Sussex


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