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Learned Friends" returns to Central Criminal Court - The Criminal Bar Association


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Saturday 29th April 2017

SOLD OUT~ 27th Feb 2017 

On 29th April Ginny Davis Productions returns to the Central Criminal Court with "Learned Friends" a "brilliantly acted, superbly devised and amazingly well written" (Master of the Bench of Inner Temple) courtroom drama which won Best Original Piece at Birminghamfest 2016 and sold out to three capacity audiences in October last year. "In Learned Friends, Davis has created a pair of believable characters, and produced a courtroom drama that feels more realistic than many screen presentations. The thrill of experiencing a play within the Old Bailey itself is great, but it’s nothing without a play deserving of the surroundings – and Learned Friends, a warm, witty and suspenseful work, is just that."

The play centres around Prosecution and Defence counsel as they await the verdict in the trial of a high profile football manager. Each of them holds a secret which, when revealed, exposes irregularities in the trial and threaten careers, friendships and the true course of justice.

The audience will move between the marbled Lower Hall and, via the magnificent Grand Hall, into Court One, the scene of many notorious criminal trials.

NONE of the crew nor cast (which includes current and post West End actors, a servng High Court Judge, a former barrister and former Crown Court usher)  will know at the start of the play how it will end. Approximately two thirds of the way through a random selection of the audience will choose which of two alternate endings will be performed.  Whilst audiences may be familiar with actors lighting matches or tossing coins to decide who will perform which part at the start of the play, it is thought that this is the first time actors will embark on a performance without knowing which of two possible conclusions they are about to perform.

The performances on 29th April are sponsored by No5 Barristers Chambers. (

Performance times are  2pm, 5pm and 8pm.  Each will last approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.    Follow this link for full details and the opportunity to purchase tickets. All 3 performances are there. You just have to scroll down to the one you want.

For a short trailer see here:



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