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Sentencing Guidelines for Motoring Offences Webinar

• What is a fair sentence for careless driving that kills or seriously injures?

• How does this compare to that caused by dangerous driving?

• What about the borderline cases?

• What role should disqualification have?

• Do tougher sentences have any deterrent effect?


The Sentencing Council is consulting on causing death and serious injury by driving. The first such consultation in 15 years, the new guidelines needs to accommodate the changed environment, including the increase in active travel and in-vehicle distraction.

Action Vision Zero is organising a discussion to hear the different perspectives, including:

• National Police Chief Council

• Transport for London

• Cycling UK

• Criminal Bar Association

• Magistrates Association

• Professor Sally Kyd, University of Leicester

Tougher penalties are being proposed. This includes for Causing death and serious injury by careless driving, where custodial sentences are to be the norm, as they already are for Causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving.

Disqualification is discussed in the consultation. General information is proposed to be presented in the guidelines, rather than recommended disqualification lengths (as given with custodial sentences.

Join us for this opportunity to debate appropriate sentencing for serious driving offences. This includes the different levels of culpability within these offences as well as what constitutes aggravating and mitigating factors. These are key to deciding the type of sentence and length of any custodial sentence.



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