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Wrongful Convictions Event

Inside Justice will be delivering a talk on Tuesday 2nd March, 17.30 which focuses on accessing justice for wrongful convictions. During the session our speakers will take the audience through the work required in a real-life investigation to identify a killer, and have the murder conviction of an innocent man quashed.

During this year’s ‘Pandemocracy’ Justice Week, the Bar Council; The Law Society and CILEx are focusing on the impact of Covid-19 on our rights to access justice and the struggles faced by our most vulnerable citizens when using one of the most essential public services; the justice system.

In this Justice Week free online session, our panel will detail the twists and turns of a real case which took ten years to be resolved by the courts, and reflect on whether that same work would be possible in today’s criminal justice system.

Our audience will also hear about how Inside Justice is helping to improve access to the justice system through the provision of free forensics, investigative and legal expertise, and be provided with the opportunity to ask questions about the day-to-day work that the charity undertakes.

The Panel include:

Chair: Derek Sweeting QC, Chair of the Bar of England & Wales


Louise Shorter, Founder of Inside Justice 

Tracy Alexander, Director of Forensic Services at City of London Police and President of British Academy of Forensic Sciences and a Trustee and Advisory Panel Member at Inside Justice

Damian Allain, Head of Casework at Inside Justice and a former New Scotland Yard Senior Detective specialising in homicide investigation and serious and organised crime

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