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Blackstone’s – Magistrates’ Court Handbook 2021

New From Oxford University Press – Blackstone’s Magistrates’ Court Handbook 2021 30% OFF

Author: Anthony Edwards

Pocket-sized, portable and practical, this book is an indispensable, complete guide for the busy court advocate. Its unique format, clear layout, and concise style allows practitioners to find essential information instantly when under pressure in court. Includes extensive coverage of offences, sentencing, procedure, and evidence. 


•The bestselling complete guide to the magistrates’ court•Pocket-sized format is perfect for constant use at court•Fully updated to cover new legislation, including the Sentencing Code, and recent case law•Cross-references throughout to Blackstone’s Criminal Practice 2021•Appendix 7 has been updated to cover developments affecting Blackstone’s Handbook of Youths in the Criminal Courts

April 2021

Reduced from £54.99

Price £38.49

Paperback | 816 pages

Anthony Edwards is a retired Senior Partner of T.V. Edwards, duty solicitor, supervisor for the specialist fraud panel and higher courts advocate (Criminal Courts). 

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