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CBA Statement – Black Lives Matter Movement

The CBA joins the global community in condemning the brutal and racially motivated killing of George Floyd and supports the Black Lives Matter movement. George Floyd represents yet another name in a long list of black men and women unlawfully killed by the police. The CBA condemns such brutality and stands in solidarity with those seeking justice for George Floyd.

It is clear that the killing of black men and women take place within a structure of systemic racism and inequality. These structures operate both within the US and the UK. Several reports have highlighted the social and economic disadvantages minority communities in the UK face.

The CBA reiterates and stands by its commitment to a society where there is equal treatment and access to justice for all, and where the right to lawful protest is protected. We are taking time to reflect on the work we are doing and considering how we can further support and amplify the progress of black and minority communities within the Bar and beyond.

June 2020