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Social Mobility

The CBA aims to improve social mobility within the Criminal Bar:

  • We aim to improve access to the Criminal Bar as a profession for individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds, and to challenge financial and structural barriers to a career at the Criminal Bar.
  • We aim to promote equality and diversity at the Criminal Bar.
  • We aim to contribute to social mobility strategy and policy for the profession as a whole.
  • We aim to contribute to the school engagement strategies within the Criminal Justice System and profession as a whole.

Students undertaking the BTC or an LLB in law are welcome to join the CBA at £35 per year.

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Portal Introduction:

The purpose of this portal is to inform the reader about the Criminal Bar, the work of a and professional lives of criminal barristers.

We are in the process of forging links with other related organisations to improve the network of centralising information available about the Criminal Bar.

By using the portal we will facilitate access to the profession and linked organisations.

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