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Better Case Management (BCM)

What does this mean? A good starting point would be to read the newsletters issued by Lord Justice Fulford.

BCM Newsletter – Issue 7

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BCM Newsletter – Issue 11

BCM Newsletter – Issue 12

Preliminary Hearings and PCMHs are no more. They have been replaced by a single Plea and Trial Preparation Hearing (PTPH). The PTPH will generally take place 28 days after sending. There is some flexibility in this date. Advocates who want their PTPH moved by a day or two to accommodate their diary would be well advised to be in a position to show Resident Judges and List Officers that they have fulfilled their “duty of engagement”, communicated with the other side and done what they should have done to identify the issues in the case.

Where not guilty pleas are expected the PTPH form should be completed by the prosecution 7 days before the PTPH and sent to the court and defence. The defence need to complete their part 48 hours before the PTPH.


Further guidance on PTPH

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IT Letter for Lawyers to take to London Prisons and Courts