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Criminal Bar Association of England and Wales International Committee

Mission Statement

The Criminal Bar Association (CBA) exists to represent the views and interests of the practising members of the Criminal Bar of England and Wales.  The International Committee is committed to publicising and promoting international opportunities for criminal barristers, looking outside traditional areas of practice for our members.

It is clear that the expansion of international criminal law and international human rights law is occurring at a greater pace than ever before. With the enhanced accessibility of international opportunities allowing barristers to participate from anywhere across the world, the CBA is enriched by the diversity afforded to it through globalisation by remote contact. The increasing relevance and need for international tribunals to adjudicate affairs between states has allowed the efforts of bodies such as the International Criminal Court, International Court of Justice, and United Nations human rights bodies to take centre-stage in the public discourse on world affairs. Participation in the International Criminal Bar therefore strengthens efforts towards establishing accountability and the rule of law on a truly global scale.

The International Committee seeks to represent and promote the interests of the CBA internationally, identifying opportunities for its members, promoting development, mentoring and training and serving as a resource centre for members seeking to develop an international practice.

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