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See what the topic’s of the week are with reference to the Chair’s weekly message to members, as well as view the CBA’s responses to consultations, Bursaries and Social Mobility programme. 

CBA Responses

The CBA is often asked to respond to consultation papers issued by government and quasi-government bodies; from this page you can find our response to any public consultation.

Download the latest response:

CBA Response to Home Office Consultation: Police Requests for Third Party Material In Criminal Proceedings


The CBA is committed to assisting young practitioners to advance and develop their practices.

Social Mobility

The CBA is committed to providing information to those aspiring to join the Criminal Bar. From this page Pupils and Students can access a range of support to assist with your true ambitions..

Equality & Diversity

The CBA has a dedicated director to advise The Criminal Bar Association on all matters concerning equality and diversity. From this page you can find our Statement and details of our Mentoring Program.


The International Committee seeks to represent and promote the interests of the CBA internationally, identifying opportunities for its members, promoting development, mentoring and training and serving as a resource centre for members seeking to develop an international practice.

CPD Accredited Films

If you are unable to attend any of our programs then you will be able to watch them here and earn your CPD.

Latest film available:

The Spring Conference 2022: The Annual Update

Criminal Bar Quarterly

The CBA produces a magazine, Criminal Bar Quarterly four times a year to keep its members up to date with events around the country and important changes in law and procedure.

Digital Case System (DCS)

DCS is rolling out across the country. We may all soon be looking at unused rolls of pink ribbon in clerks’ rooms across the country with an even greater sense of nostalgia.


The CBA will publish consultations issued by government and quasi-government bodies; from this page you can access papers which have a direct impact on the Criminal Justice System.

View the latest paper:

Miscellaneous amendments to sentencing guidelines – response to the first annual consultation

Questioning young and/or vulnerable witnesses

The CBA has project-led the production of a short film on the questioning of young and/or vulnerable witnesses and defendants.

Better Case Management (BCM)

What does this mean? A good starting point would be to read the newsletters issued by Lord Justice Fulford.


The CBA works closely with our approved regulators; The General Council of the Bar and The Bar Standards Board, together with other independent bodies. From this page you can find a list of our affiliates.


The CBA is committed to Career Progression for its membership. From this page you can find any recent vacancies brought to our attention which we believe would assist this initiative.