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See what the topic’s of the week are with reference to the Chair’s weekly message to members, as well as view the CBA’s responses to consultations, the latest papers, films and much more.

About the CBA

The Criminal Bar Association exists to represent the views and interests of the practising members of the Criminal Bar in England and Wales.

Born of frustration and anger, the Criminal Bar Association (C.B.A.) of 1997 is unrecognisable from the body of about 100 which met in 1969 to form it.  The seedsmen were Barry Hudson and Dick Lowry; the cultivators were our first two great leaders, Jeremy Hutchinson and Basil Wigoder, who were chair and vice-chair from 1969 to 1975.

We are now the largest specialist Bar association; the credit for all that we have done since 1969 really belongs to the members; the principal officers have been privileged and honoured to be the flag bearers.

The annual subscription is excellent value for money, and in addition to supporting the work of the CBA you will be able to access our events and publications and benefit from regular information and updates.

Benefits include:
  • Representation
  • Conferences, seminars and social events
  • RASSO Training
  • Regular email updates via the Monday Message
  • Full access to website resources

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