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CBA: Support if you are Experiencing Financial Hardship

Support if you are experiencing financial hardship

A reminder that if you are concerned, for yourself, or for a member of your chambers, about unexpected financial hardship caused by loss of work due to the ongoing action please contact the Barristers Benevolent Association (‘BBA’) .

The BBA will accept applications for financial assistance from those members of the Criminal Bar who are suffering financial hardship as a result of their participation in the action.

All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis and assessed on merit.

Please do not wait until you are in significant difficulties. We encourage you to enquire now about the support that may be available to you and to encourage your junior colleagues, in particular, to do the same.

For members on the Midland and Northern Circuits there are also dedicated hardship funds available. Please contact your Circuit for further details.

The Inns also have schemes in place that you may be eligible for, if you are experiencing financial hardship. Please contact them directly.

If you are a young barrister and in need of guidance in relation to accessing hardship funds, please email for help, guidance and support.

We will shortly announce the details of a training session for all members, on the topic of accessing hardship funds.



If you would like to donate money to support criminal practitioners who are suffering hardship, we strongly encourage you to donate to the BBA here.

You could be helping a colleague, friend or their dependants receive the financial and emotional support they need.


Social Media

We would invite you not to put this message onto social media, or into the press, and to be faithful to the wording of this message in any communications about the financial support available to you.