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Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking

The 7th symposium of Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking

Speakers include Prof Leo Zaibert University of Cambridge – author of Rethinking Punishment (The age-old debate about what constitutes just punishment as deadlocked. Retributivists continue to privilege desert over all else, and consequentialists continue to privilege punishment’s expected positive consequences, such as deterrence or rehabilitation, over all else. Leo Zaibert argues that despite some obvious differences, these traditional positions are structurally very similar, and that the deadlock between them stems from the fact they both oversimplify the problem of punishment and opens up an alternative theory for how to address retribution, consequentialists and reintegration.

Other leading voices developing legal practice:

Amb (retd) Luis C de Baca Professor from Practice  University of Michigan, and Research fellow Yale University.

Professor Leo Luca Orlando – Mayor (retd) Palermo and founder to Fondatione Mosaico  – founding chair of

the Global Parliament of Mayors.

Prof Nicola Padfield  University of Cambridge – analysing a series of Section 45 prosecutions over the last couple of years
Ann Lukowiak JP  The Netherlands

Prof Roland Knobbout  Leiden University and the Hague

Prof Andreas Kapardis  Cyprus
Judge Swati Chauhan
  Mumbai Circuit Judge: India

Dr Maria Jovanovich  Essex University with team members from the University and Hestia
Kevin Hyland  OBE  Greta Member and Strategic Director (Global) Santa Marta Group

Together with over 30 leading voices on this appalling nexus of the Victim/Accused/ Perpetrator – we shall be gathering ON LINE for 3 days of powerful panel presentations and lively discussion. This is a unique opportunity to engage with those at  the cutting edge of change, from Australia, the U.S., the Netherlands, Italy, Cyprus, alongside voices from our own jurisdiction in the UK + the Island of Ireland – this is what makes the CCARHT symposium significant for so many of our annual participants and drives new attendees into this special network of expertise every year.  Check them out on CCARHT’s pages

On the final day Furnival Chamber’s Caroline Haughey  OBE KC, Kevin Hyland OBE, Gaon Hart (Legal Advisory Worldwide), Prof Roland Knobbout Leiden University and the Hague,  join with others for a very particular focus on what the challenge to the courts are around this exceedingly challenging area of law, in its appropriate prosecution and defence, guided by the victim focussed procedures of Section 45, the role of the Single Competent Authority, Expert Witnesses and the recent judgements coming from the Court of Appeal following on from Brecani.  This would be a wonderful day for dusting off chambers and Solicitors’ practices requirement for refreshing expertise and sharing areas of concern with other professionals gathering in the virtual café before and after the 5 powerful sessions particularly open for their presence that day.  14th September 2023.

Tickets are available on-line but presently capped at 150 – so if these days – and particularly day 3 of the symposium are of interest to those in the legal profession seeking to gain a wider understanding, and hone their thinking afresh around these essential topics of the new paradigm being set by Section 45 for defence in cases of criminalisation through trafficking, then this symposium opportunity should not be missed.

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