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Lexis Nexis: Banks on Sentence

Banks on Sentence is the definitive sentencing guide. It is used by judges, barristers and solicitors for sentencing hearings in the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court, Courts Martial and the Court of Appeal.

Volume 1 sets out the sentencing powers available to the Courts. It contains all relevant material to set complex and overlapping legislation in context. It includes procedure to be applied in sentencing hearings, including applications for behaviour orders and appeal hearings.

Volume 2 contains all the relevant guidelines, cases and sentencing material to enable judges, magistrates and practitioners to determine the sentence for almost all commonly prosecuted offences.

Banks offers the most comprehensive guide to the Sentencing Code, setting it in context with applicable Sentencing Guidelines, Practice Directions and case law. Users are provided with excerpts from the consolidated legislation and reference to the provisions of the Code in context.

Also available on LexisLibrary where updates are incorporated into the content between publication of the print editions. For more information click here.

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