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Contemporary Challenges to Criminal Justice

Contemporary Challenges to Criminal Justice

Liber Amicorum for Ralph Henham

Edited by Paul Behrens

This study provides a critical examination of seminal issues within the main areas of criminal justice: its theoretical framework, transnational, and international criminal law. It examines the impact of ‘public morality’ on sentencing policy, murder and the mandatory life sentence, genocide, and the notion of magnitude and incitement to terrorism. Taking an approach that is fully integrated in contemporary criminal justice scholarship, it offers a diverse and expert perspective. With a comprehensive introduction and conclusion drawing the various strands together, it provides a rigorous, coherent overview of the key issues in play in contemporary international criminal justice.

Paul Behrens is Reader in International Law at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

Dec 2023   |   9781509948628   |   512pp   |   Hbk   |    RRP: £100

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