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Police Street Powers and Criminal Justice

Police Street Powers and Criminal Justice

Regulation and Discretion in a Time of Change

Geoff Pearson and Mike Rowe

Police Street Powers and Criminal Justice analyses the utilisation, regulation and legitimacy of police powers. Drawing upon six-years of ethnographic research in two police forces in England, this book uncovers the importance of time and place, supervision and monitoring, local policies and law. Covering a period when the police were under intense scrutiny and subject to austerity measures, the authors contend that the concept of police culture does not help us understand police discretion. They argue that change is a dominant feature of policing and identify fragmented responses to law and policy reform, varying between police stations, across different policing roles, and between senior and frontline ranks.


Geoff Pearson is Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Manchester.

Mike Rowe is Lecturer at the Liverpool Management School.


Jul 2020   |   9781509925377   |   248pp   |   Hbk   |    RSP: £60

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