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Prosecutorial Discretion at the International Criminal Court

Prosecutorial Discretion at the International Criminal Court

Anni Pues

This timely book provides a comprehensive guide to, and rigorous analysis of, prosecutorial discretion at the International Criminal Court. This is the first ever study that takes the reader through all the key stages of the Proscecutor’s decision-making process. Starting from preliminary examinations and the decision to investigate, the book also explores case selection processes, plea agreements, culminating in the question of how to end engagement in specific country situations. The book serves as a guide to the Rome Statute through the lens of the Prosecutor’s activities. With its unique combination of legal theory and specific policy analysis, it addresses broader questions that will be relevant to other international and hybrid criminal courts and tribunals. The book will be of interest to students, practitioners of law, academics, and the wider public concerned with international law, criminal justice and international relations.


Anni Pues is Lecturer in International Law at the University of Glasgow and a criminal and human rights lawyer.


Jul 2020   |   9781509928682   |   264pp   |   Hbk   |    RSP: £75

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