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Public Health Crisis Management and Criminal Liability of Governments

Public Health Crisis Management and Criminal Liability of Governments

A Comparative Study of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Edited by Michael Bohlander, Gerhard Kemp and Mark Webster

This book argues that given the significance of strategic failings in responding to COVID-19, criminal liability might well come into play. It suggests potential avenues for such liability, particularly for causing bodily harm and death. Meticulously charting the responses from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, North America and Latin America, it sets out each country’s response, infection rates and casualties. It then looks at the applicable criminal law and how acts or omissions might be analysed within that particular legal framework. This important book sets benchmarks for evaluating governments’ response to any such future crisis.

Michael Bohlander is Chair in Global Law and SETI Policy at Durham Law School, UK.

Gerhard Kemp is Professor of International and Transnational Criminal Justice, University of Derby, UK.

Mark Webster is an international criminal law practitioner and a Scottish qualified solicitor.

Jun 2023   |   9781509946310   |   368pp   |   Hbk   |    RRP: £95

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