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Sentencing the Self-Convicted

Sentencing the Self-Convicted

The Ethics of Pleading Guilty

Edited by Julian V Roberts and Jesper Ryberg

This book addresses the fundamental ethical and legal aspects, penal consequences, and social context arising from a citizen’s acceptance of guilt. It focuses on sentencing people who have pleaded guilty; in short, post-adjudication, rather than issues arising from discussions in the pretrial phase of the criminal process.

The book explores questions such as:

– If an individual voluntarily accepts guilt, should the State receive this plea without further investigation or any disinterested adjudication?

– Is it ethically acceptable to allow defendants to self-convict, without independent confirmation and evidence to support a conviction?

Julian V Roberts is Professor of Criminology at the University of Oxford, UK.

Jesper Ryberg is Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Law at Roskilde University, Denmark.

Feb 2023   |   9781509957439   |   256pp   |   Hbk   |    RRP: £90 / $120

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