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The Stars and Trailblazers: Part Three

In this final part of Stars and Trailblazers of Criminal Justice Matters, we speak to one of the Criminal Bar’s most renowned figures, Courtenay Griffiths KC Courtenay was called to the Bar in 1980 and appointed QC in 1998 at a time when black barristers were rare in the courts of England and Wales.

If you name a serious high-profile case over the previous four decades, it is likely that Courtney would have appeared defending. He defended in the Brighton hotel bombing, the Harrods Bombing, the Canary Wharf Bombing, the Dartmoor Riot, the Risley riot, the Blakelock murder, the Damilola Taylor murder and the Charles Taylor trial in the Hague.

Courtney is a mentor and inspiration to successive generations of criminal barristers.

‘This podcast includes the use of a racist term of abuse which some listeners may find offensive’