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Social Mobility BLOG

Welcome to this blog feed brought to you by the Criminal Bar Association’s Social Mobility Committee.

The purpose of this feed is for you, as the reader, to gain an insight into a wide variety of criminal barrister’s respective routes to the Bar.

Every journey to becoming a criminal barrister really is different. There are distinct reasons as to why individuals aim to become a criminal barrister. There is also great variety in the circumstances which individuals have faced when pursuing such ambition. These circumstances range from differences in education, experience, opportunities available and personal factors.

From these blogs posts, I hope that one or more provides an element of familiarity; a moment where you can think ‘I have done that’, ‘I have seen that’, ‘I have experienced that’. Hence, showing that social mobility challenges faced, no matter how big or small, can be overcome.

Feedback on this blog is always welcome by the Committee and of course if you are interested in contributing to this then please do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing the administrator.

I really hope that these insightful and entertaining blogs go some way towards inspiring the current and future generations of criminal barristers.


BLOG #1 – Gemma Noble – June 2020

BLOG#2 – Libby Anderson – June 2020