CBA Bursary

The 2020 Bursary application process will open on 1st October 2020

Applications are invited for awards from the Criminal Bar Association Bursary Fund.

Major Bursaries of up to £5,000 will be awarded to successful applicants. 

The award competition is open to members of the CBA under 7 years’ callThe fund is designed to assist practising barristers from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Please complete the application form and return it, together with a reference from the applicant’s Head of Chambers, to the CBA Administrator, Aaron Dolan [email protected] by Monday 7th December 2020.  

The application form requires details of background and means together with a reference from the Applicant’s Head of Chambers (or pupil supervisor if a reference from the Head of Chambers is unavailable).

The assessment will be primarily means-tested; performance in exams will therefore not be determinative but will assist the panel in assessing the applicant’s suitability.

A number of applicants will be invited to compete in an advocacy exercise to be held in November, judged by the Chair of the Social Mobility Committee.

For further details, please contact the CBA Administrator, [email protected].

The Bursary Fund is generously supported by leading legal publishers Thomson Reuters (Sweet & Maxwell) and Oxford University Press

CBA Bursary Application Form 2020 – coming soon…..

The 2020 Bursary Fund is generously supported by leading legal publishers Thomson Reuters (Sweet & Maxwell), Oxford University and a number of Criminal Chambers, including:


12CP Barristers Southampton
187  Fleet Street London
2 Bedford Row London
2 Dr Johnson’s Building London
2 Hare Court London
23 Essex Street London
25 Bedford Row London
5 King’s Bench Walk London
3 Raymond Building London
Church Court Chambers London
Foundry Chambers London
Furnival Chambers London
Guildhall Chambers Bristol
Lincoln House Chambers Manchester
NO5 Chambers Birmingham
Red Lion Chambers London
Six Pump Court London
St John’s Building Manchester
St Philip’s Chambers Birmingham