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Characteristics of a Barrister

Since a barrister has to appear in court and give live evidence before making submissions, being successful involves having a number of attributes:

  • Not every barrister has to be a great public speaker, but it helps if they have a basic level of competence in (and enjoy) public speaking.
  • They have to be able to think strategically, get to the heart of an argument and highlight their key points in the most persuasive way.
  • They must be able to think on their feet, respond to changing situations and remain calm under pressure, especially if they are faced with a difficult Judge (or client!)

The process of becoming ‘Bar ready’ is therefore a long one, and it will be of great benefit to you if you start early. There is a handy guide to the steps you might take available from Chambers Student Guide, which you can see here.

The Bar Council has also published some useful information which is aimed at a broader audience than those who wish to practise crime. It can be found here.