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Announcement of new Chair and Vice Chair of the CBA – 01.09.22

On 1st September 2022, Kirsty Brimelow QC took up her elected position as Chair of the CBA, having served a year as Vice Chair. Tana Adkin QC takes up the elected position of Vice Chair having previously served on the Executive Committee.

Kirsty Brimelow QC commented:

“It is a privilege to lead the CBA at this critical time as barristers join hands to hold up the criminal justice system from complete collapse.

Barristers have stopped soldiering on through downtrodden courts. They have stopped watching vulnerable people bounced into trials in 2024; hands clasped in prayer that there will be anyone left to prosecute and defend. This is not a “world-class justice system” as set out as the vision of the Ministry of Justice. It is not even a functioning justice system.

Government policies on toughness on crime and supporting victims are meaningless without the required proper investment in barristers who deliver the justice.  

As barristers start their historic, last resort, indefinite action, it is not too late for the Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor to change his legacy.”

Tana Adkin QC commented:

“Thank you for appointing me as Vice Chair at such an important time in the CBA’s history. The roots of our profession have been so severely damaged that without urgent and proper investment for our junior members the entire independent Criminal Bar will wither and die.  Our value to our society as both prosecutors and defenders, acting without fear or favour, upholding the rule of law in the courts of England & Wales should be recognised by government and invested in.”

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