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CBA Chairman’s Message – Today 06.01.14

CBA Chairman’s Message:

Monday 6 January 2014


Personal Email: [email protected]

I hope you agree with me that this was the momentous day we predicted it would be. The press which covered us did so throughout Britain and additionally in Afghanistan, China, Russia, America, Canada, Iraq and the middle East.  Apparently I am now quite a hit with the Baghdad Gazette. Thank you to Borkowski’s our PR team that put many of these ducks in a row.

It was all of you that made the day so special and I wish to thank you one and all for standing shoulder to shoulder to  attempt to save the system and to demand justice for ourselves as well as the society of which we are a part. The numerous pictures from North, South , East and West tell a story in themselves : a community, smiling and content that at last they were standing up to be counted.

Who could fail but to have been impressed by the junior members of the Bar happy to be photographed and happy to reveal the details of their practice which in an ideal world should remain confidential

By the end of the day I truly believe that the changing stance of journalists meant we were winning the argument with the public.  To be praised in this regard were those that gave interviews over the land.

There are some special thank yous: first, the Circuit Leaders who committed their support wholeheartedly to the action.  Secondly to a number of Judges that made their support for our position felt subtly and not so subtly.  Thirdly our colleagues in the solicitors profession who made their presence felt.  Fourth the officers of the CBA , Dermot Keating and Thomas Payne. The executive who sanctioned the idea of today and finally the enormous coordination skills and determination of Tony Cross QC, who is a joy to work with and of course the inimitable Aaron Dolan.

Finally I found today instructive: Having scanned I hope every relevant  document that has come out of government recently, only this morning did I learn that our average income was now £84,000.  Credit where it’s due I’d not heard that one before.  But necessity is the Mother of invention.

Bless you all,


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