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CBA Chairman’s Message

CBA Chairman’s Message:

Friday 28 February 2014


Personal Email: [email protected]

A number of individuals around the country have sent copies of letters that they have received from the CPS for me to comment upon and in which I am named.

I can do no better than remind you of what I have always said. When I met with the DPP on the last occasion to tell her of the day of action, in the presence of the Chairman of the Bar, her attitude was relaxed and convivial.

I explained that as a prosecutor one day, may well be a defender the next, she might understand if they would want to stand shoulder to shoulder on the 7th March. I would do nothing to deter that, albeit our fight is not with prosecution fees.

Whilst in no way binding herself as to what might happen, she expressed gratitude for the length of notice that would “make life considerably easier”.

I too would not wish to give any advice that removes people’s choice. I would of course observe that to a greater or lesser extent we are all masters (or mistresses) of our own destiny and the destiny of our profession.

Have a good weekend,


Nigel Lithman QC
Chairman of The Criminal Bar Association 

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