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CBA Monday Message – 02.10.17

Chair’s Update: 
Angela Rafferty QC

Archbold and Blackstones
The time is upon us again to decide which court book to buy, which is a huge expense. We were not formally consulted before the official position changed last year. Many of our members have expressed concern that the change of official text was brought in quite suddenly and with little thought for those who use these books every day. Practitioners tell us that in many cases those in court are using different books as referencers for arguments – in writing and orally. There appears to be inconsistency and uncertainty. This is having a real impact.
At the Executive Committee meeting this week we decided to hold a survey of members so that we can gather views and then consider our position further. It’s a one question effort so please do complete it.
The survey link 
Section 41
Section 41 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 has once again been in the news. The CBA is preparing a position paper considering whether any amendment of the section is necessary or fair. Our working group is close to finishing an online survey to assess how criminal barristers view this legislation and how it is actually used in practice.  This data could prove invaluable. If you undertake sexual offence work please do complete this for us when you see it. We are hoping to have it ready for next week’s message.
Vulnerable witness training and RASSO refresher
This week the CPS has announced that those who undertake sexual offence work will have to undergo a refresher course to remain on the panel. At the minute the ICCA vulnerable witness training is not accredited for this. A joint CBA/SEC half day refresher will be taking place in January 2018. Those members wanting to take part must inform the CPS before the end of the year that they will take this refresher course. Aaron is not administering this, it is a CPS requirement so please don’t ask him about it. This is the email you must use to advise the CPS you’re prepared to undertake the refresher course in January; Advocate Panels mailbox.
Working group campaigns
We have formed a “best practice” group, which is about to embark upon an investigation relating to disclosure, conduct and bad practice issues generally. We will report back.
Our pupillage and early practice group is preparing a report on a CBA protocol.
The Youth Justice Group will be meeting Charles Taylor and the BSB this month.
The social mobility group is compiling a list of all national organisations we can join forces with. We still need volunteers. Thank you to all those who have got in touch already. It is really heartening to find out how much barristers do already to help in this area. It is amazing the amount of time and effort given.
The Kalisher Trust Lecture
Tuesday 10th October, Old Bailey 17.30
This lecture will be give by Sir Brian Leveson the title is simply “Advocacy”.  It promises to be entertaining as well as informative and important. Not to be missed. Places are limited and going fast so if you want to come can you book with Aaron as soon as you can.
CBA Bursary:
We have extended the deadline to Friday 20th October 2017 following requests from applicants.
The Lammy Panel Event, Monday 2nd October – Change of Venue
The CBA is supporting this event. It is tonight at the Franklin-Wilkins Building, Kings College, Stamford Street SE1 8WA
BPP University’s Pro Bono Centre and the Citizenship Foundation are holding the national pro bono week from Monday 6th to Friday 10th November 2017. Volunteer to bring ‘the law to life’ in your local school.

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