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CBA Monday Message 15.01.18

Chair’s Update:
Angela Rafferty QC

This week’s message will be short.

As you all know the Cabinet reshuffle this week resulted in a new Lord Chancellor (6 months after the last one was sworn in). David Gauke M.P is a former solicitor and Chief Secretary of the Treasury. All but one of the other ministers changed too. The full line up can be found here.

The Ministry of Justice has a stated vision – “to deliver a world-class justice system that works for everyone in society”.

The ministerial team will by now be aware of the litany of problems we face (legal aid crises, prisons crises, working conditions crises, morale crises). We live in fervent hope that this cycle of ministers will make a difference. Stability and investment have been lacking for years. We truly need the tide to turn for justice and to stop the rot. Only time will tell.

We are very unlikely to get any announcement about reform of AGFS until the new team is up to speed. Our frustration is profound.

Next week (if there is no announcement from government on fees) we will be discussing the deplorable physical conditions in court centres. Please can you keep sending in examples of this (and listing issues) to [email protected]

We are very grateful to HHJ Kinch QC for the way in which the catering problems at Woolwich were dealt with this week. His courteous approach was much appreciated and his thoughtfulness in providing coffee and biscuits will not be forgotten.

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