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CBA Monday Message 30.07.18

Chair’s Update:
Angela Rafferty QC

Congratulations to Max Hill QC on his upcoming appointment as DPP. Back in 2012 when he was Chair of this association Max was stalwart in furthering the cause of the independent criminal bar. In one of his final updates in 2012 he said; “This country will only realise what a superb service the independent criminal Bar provides, when it is too late”. He is now in a position to right some wrongs and I am sure he will do so.

This is the last Monday Message from me. As we all head to our Summer breaks there remain considerable hurdles ahead. Many of these are highlighted in Justice Select Committee’s report into legal aid. We, and the Bar Council, continue to keep this issue at the forefront of the agenda. I hope that the process of the new SI will be smooth. I hope that there will be no backward steps and that the government is listening when we say that there has been no resolution – just the buying of time. However I am sure you have all heard enough from me on this. Chris Henley QC and Caroline Goodwin QC take over the reins – I wish them well.

We have shown how much we can achieve with focus and strategic thinking and we must not give up. We have shown that when we unify we can make things happen.  I owe the Executive Committee a huge debt of gratitude. We have had some serious times. As well as Chris Henley QC I have special thanks for the officers who have helped me so much this year, Donal Lawler, Gillian Jones QC, Sarah Vine, Jo Cecil, Emma Fenn, David Wood and Wayne Cleaver. They all actually do deserve some sort of medal for their courage and insight this year. I would also like to thank leaders past and present for being willing to give me advice at a minute’s notice. Aaron Dolan is the most impressive administrator I have ever encountered and the CBA cannot do without him. He gets a very special thank you from me.

The CBA Education committee continues its essential work with James Mulholland QC, Sophie Shotton and Charlotte Newell et all organising the usual brilliant events. This year the Rasso training was particularly well attended and presented.

My last words are for junior barristers. I know that many of you did not want to settle for a temporary resolution. I know that your working conditions are bad. I know many of you need more support. I know that you have uncertainty and fear for the future. The CBA must do all it can to help you. Ours is still a honourable profession – so keep going. Aim high and give it everything you have got. You are the future for us.

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