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CBA Post Ballot Release – 16.07.15

CBA Post Ballot Release


  1. The members of the CBA have voted to take action against the latest cut in legal aid fees by adopting no returns and not taking instructions in cases in which representation orders were granted on or after 01/07/2015.
  1. The Executive Committee recognises that the vote represents the will of the CBA’s members, and it has therefore decided to put in place a protocol to ensure that those taking action comply with their professional obligations. It is recommended that the action starts on 27/07/15 to give time for full compliance with this protocol. However, those individuals or chambers that have already complied with the protocol are free to begin on any earlier date.
  1. Each member of the executive committee has independently agreed to abide by this protocol. It is of course a matter for individuals to decide whether they wish to take part in this action.
  1. The executive committee expects that members will respect those not taking part, and likewise those not taking part will not seek to take unfair advantage of those who are.
  1. At the same time as the action, discussions will continue with the MOJ and the relevant solicitors’ bodies. 
For Protocol or ‘No Returns’ enquiries contact:
CBA Secretary, Richard Bentwood 
[email protected]


For media enquiries contact:
James Rossiter of Morgan Rossiter
07985117887 or 0203 195 3240
[email protected]

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