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CBA Response to the Cotton Ruling

CBA Chairman’s Statement – CBA Response to the Cotton Ruling

Wednesday 21 May 2014

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The mess that the government has got itself into in relation to VHCC Cases has not changed by virtue of the ruling in relation to Operation Cotton. No worker in any field would possibly agree to work under a regime in which agreed rates were cut by 30%. The CBA has done nothing to encourage barristers not to take the work, the government has seriously miscalculated that the Bar would do so.

Lord Justice Leveson’s  comments include the clear observation that inferior advocates endanger the criminal Justice System.

All agree that the Independent Criminal Bar provides the best  advocates for this job.

The steps that have been taken by the government to try and remedy the situation include to  waste a great deal of money in trying to introduce a Public Defender system, more expensive and less able than the independent Bar.

Meanwhile the government agreed at the end of March to continue to talk to the Bar’s Leaders, including the CBA and not to further expand the PDS. If they will not abide by this accord this will be seen as an inappropriate act of bad faith on their part.



Nigel Lithman QC

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