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CBA Special Edition – Thursday 20th June 2013

Michael Turner QC

Personal Email: [email protected]
Tel: 07951157030

Lobby for Justice!

CLSA have been as active as ever and arranged a rolling lobby of MPs starting Monday.

To support them and us and the public see below and register. The pressure is paying off.

Keeping up the Pressure

We have arranged a rolling lobby of MP’s to take place on the Monday 24th and Wednesday 26th June. The original plan to do this in July has had to be changed swiftly in response to yesterday’s announcement of the debate which is to take place on the 27th June. However we may still arrange for further lobbying to take place in July.
Whilst we in the law are well aware of what lies within the “Transforming Legal Aid ” consultation, it is a sad fact that many MP’s remain either uninformed or ill informed of the facts .It is important that as many MP’s as possible are lobbied and for us to spread the message about the REAL impact of PCT.
Please do what you can to attend these sessions . Together we must continue to apply the pressure and spread the  word .
No to PCT
To join the lobby go to

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