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CBA Tuesday Message 03.04.18

Chair’s Update:
Angela Rafferty QC

The next Monday Message will be on 9th April.  You will have seen the message from the Chair of the Bar Andrew Walker QC. The Bar Council stands by us in striving for the proper funding of the criminal justice.

Many Chambers have announced that they have considered our announcement and are refusing cases with representation orders from 1st April. We are organising the first day of action and will notify you accordingly. We are also consulting with our solicitor colleagues who face similar threats and our other colleagues from across the Criminal Justice System.

We know this is a difficult and worrying time for the criminal bar. However standing together makes us strong.

Please remember to lobby your MP, many have signed the motion, and to donate to the CrowdJustice campaign.

Please note that representation orders from 1st April relates to the Crown Court and not to magistrates. As we said in our announcement this is the first step in our recommended action. 

We are committed to the retention of diverse and talented young barristers. This is why we are advising action for the Bar to reverse the degradation of the system. To those of you who are on your feet today for the first time we send all our good wishes. You are the future and we will fight for you.

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