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CBA: Utilising the DCS file for the purpose of Days of Action – 22.07.22

When you send your template letters to the court, if you are applying to adjourn the hearing/ are aware that it is likely to adjourn, please provide your future available dates, and ensure that you amend the draft to make that information easily accessible at the top of the letter. To assist you, we have further revised the template letter to the court. Please follow this link to access.

In addition, we encourage you to upload your letter to the DCS file (section Q) to ensure that the Judge at the hearing which you are not attending, has ready access to it. Please also enter a widely shared comment summarising your available dates / application to adjourn, if you are making one, and referencing the location of the letter on the DCS file, in order to draw attention to it.

This is to ensure that if your letter to the court has not been brought to the attention of the Judge prior to the hearing, they will nonetheless have access it, and to any alternative dates that you are inviting the court to consider. Similarly, your prosecutor, if you have not spoken to them directly, will be aware of your non-attendance in advance of the hearing, and of your alternative dates.

We remind you to continue to bring to the attention of the prosecution any correspondence sent to the court, in relation to your non-attendance at court, in order to provide as much notice as you can, as part of your harm reduction strategy.

A reminder that you can continue to access the CBA guidance here.

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