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Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) Entry Requirements from 02.01.24

Important Notice: Changes to Entry Requirements for Legal Professionals entering the Central Criminal Court

In order to ensure the safety and security of all individuals using the Central Criminal Court, further measures will be implemented by the security team. The City of London Police has provided advice leading to the implementation of new entry requirements. All court users, including legal professionals – Counsel, Counsels’ clerks, noting briefs, Solicitors, and others, are obligated to comply with these measures.

The City of London Corporation is fully committed to maintaining the safety and security of all who use the court while ensuring the integrity of the security operation. The security team is equally dedicated to these objectives.

Starting from 2nd January 2024, legal professionals who wish to enter the Central Criminal Court will be required to send a security pre-attendance notification or accreditation. For legal professionals attending and working on a trial, the notification or accreditation will be valid for the duration of the trial. However, for hearings such as PTPH, Sentencing, Bail applications, Case Dismissals, etc., the notification or accreditation will be valid only for the duration of the hearing.

In addition to the pre-attendance notification or accreditation, legal professionals must have a form of identification for verification purposes. The security email will be monitored continuously, enabling the team to confirm and update the entry list in real-time, reducing delays for legal professionals entering the Central Criminal Court. Counsel attending the CCC will continue to have a designated lane for entry, and they will be given priority on arrival to avoid waiting in a queue.

Legal professionals vying to attend CCC will be required to:

1. Send pre-attendance notifications or accreditations to the security email address [email protected] using official business email addresses.

2. Highlight the name(s) of their client-defendant, or the name(s) of the defendant(s) they are prosecuting.

3. Bring identification to verify their identity.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the City of London Security team at [email protected].

Please contact the City of London Security team at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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