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Chairman’s Announcement 21.03.14

CBA Chairman’s Announcement

Friday 21 March 2014


Personal Email: [email protected]

Following a CBA Executive meeting on Wednesday, the following emerged:

  1. This was the first scheduled review of the month long No Returns policy. Richard Bentwood, who has worked like a Trojan and to whom we are enormously grateful, has produced a report HERE. It is clear from both statistics and reports that the policy is having an ever increasing effect and it was decided that, subject to further review, we support it remaining in place for the month previously announced. 

  1. In order to assist our decision-making processes, we are now consulting with the Criminal Bar through Heads of Chambers and through CBA reps as to the views of the Bar upon the next steps. We need the responses to this consultation by next Friday 28th. 

  1. Following these responses, and consideration at the next CBA Exec meeting on the 2nd April, we will announce the recommended next stage of the Bar’s campaign, which will continue for the foreseeable future until we see the reversal or adjournment of the cuts.

  1. We continue to express total support for our solicitor colleagues. Following their consultation in Manchester this week, they have decided on days of action on the 31st  March and 1st April at the same time as action by NAPO; and also their version of a “Work to Rule”. Our effective “No Returns” policy sits alongside these actions in support while we undertake our own consultation among the members of the Criminal Bar. Following on from this, it may very well be that the Bar too will announce further days of action. Like our No to VHCCs, No Returns policy and our previous days of action, these policies compliment each other. The professions are joined at the heart if not the hip and we have achieved previously unheard of unity. This is not jeopardised by our taking different steps at different times.

  1. We remain resolved in our campaign to secure the future of the independent Criminal Bar and their vital role in ensuring a strong Criminal Justice System.

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