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CLA Review Update – Accelerated Asks – 27.03.20


As many of you know the first phase of the consultation process for the accelerated asks was due to end today. For many of you this will not have been at the forefront of your mind and for very understandable reasons. For the last two weeks we have all being been experiencing tumultuous events and every day is different.

We have been extremely grateful for the time and consideration that the team from MOJ have given us during this period. It is an understatement to say that they too have been under enormous strain and that is why we are taking the opportunity to thank them at this juncture.

You will see set out below in the email that the fact that they have been able to provide an extension for us to provide our responses to the initial part of the CLA review.

It is a recognition of the difficulties that we are all facing.

Link to email from the Criminal Legal Aid Review Team

We are in daily communication with the team and we will be in a position to notify you as soon as we are able as to how matters are to progress.

Meanwhile stay safe

 Caroline Goodwin QC


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