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COVID-19: CBA Update 27.03.20

You will have seen the recent announcement in respect of a reduction in the number of courts.

You will understand that the logistics have become more complicated, but the courts will maintain a very visible face. Please continue to engage on the DCS as you have been doing. The courts will remain geared to conducting as much of their business by remote means.

As information emerges during the day on this subject and as protocols emerge, we will advise you.

On a separate and very important note we are actively considering the financial position that many members of the Bar are going to be facing. We are aware of the lacunae in the current proposals and so we are engaging with MOJ on this issue. Sustainability is key.
Please exercise patience as we address all of our joint concerns.

We will provide updates. May I remind you of the advice on the Bar Council web page and the helpful resume we sent out.

However, in the meantime stay safe and keep a weather eye out for announcements which we will regularly provide you with on the CBA web page.


Caroline Goodwin QC
Chair, Criminal Bar

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