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Entry Requirements – Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey)

The Central Criminal Court has recently updated its entry procedure, taking effect from Monday 5th September 2022.

The City of London Security will be making changes to entry requirements for counsel and solicitors.

Counsel and solicitors trying to enter the CCC will need to send security pre-attendance notification or accreditation.

The notification / accreditation should highlight counsels’ or solicitors name(s), name of the their client-defendant if they are defending and name of the defendants if they are prosecuting.

Notification / accreditations should be sent to security email address [email protected] enabling names to be uploaded onto their database.

Emails should be sent from chambers official email addresses, Counsels company email address or solicitors official email address.

Notification / accreditations(s) for counsel and solicitors attending working on a trial are valid for the duration of the trial, whilst notification(s) / accreditation(s) for hearings – PTPH, Sentencing, Bail applications, Case Dismissals etc are only valid for the day.

The proposed security enhancements will be implement on Monday 5th September. Notification will be cascaded around the CCC with hard copies will be given out to counsel throughout August.

The Security team at the main entrance will ensure the checks are conducted in an effective and efficient manner.

Counsel attending the CCC have a designated lane for entry, in addition counsel will be prioritised on arrival alleviating the need to wait in a queue to gain access.

Please contact the City of London Security team at [email protected] if you have any questions.


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