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Junior Bar Meetings  (0 – 10)

You will hopefully all be aware of the recent meetings being organised by the CBA about possible further AGFS negotiations. It was clear at the 0-10 years meeting last Thursday that there is an appetite for continuing lines of communication between the most junior amongst us, not least because any decisions re action are likely to hit us the hardest. One member mooted the idea of organising our own meetings, where we could all speak freely and gauge general feeling more regularly.

It is anticipated that these meetings will be organised monthly, with topics beyond AGFS being discussed in the future (i.e. CPS fees, judicial bullying, concerns more generally). By staying in contact and having clear views amongst us, our voices are less likely to be lost than perhaps they have been in the past.

Could at least one person in every chambers volunteer to receive future communications and then disseminate those amongst their 0-10’s? As the “point of contact” there would be no onus on that individual to attend meetings – it would be for each chambers to decide who might want to attend on each occasion and feed back to others.  A number of individuals will be helping to organise the first meeting (Stephen Knight, Sasha Queffurus & Nadesh Karu), where we can then discuss a permanent group of people to help with organisation/administration going forward.

If any of us actually stick at this game, we have many years ahead in which to put up with the effect of decisions being made now; so perhaps there is no better time to start talking to one another.

Please email [email protected] ASAP (by Monday 21st January if possible) with the name and email of your chosen chambers’ representative.  We’d like to organise the first meeting over the next few weeks.

Our thanks to the CBA, in particular to Aaron Dolan, for kindly distributing this message through the CBA database to help get this off the ground.

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