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Monday Message – 04.09.23

Dear colleagues and friends,

I am honoured to take on the role of Chair of our Association, representing our unique profession.

Our role, fundamental to the effective operation of our criminal justice system, is more than a 9 to 5 job.  It demands integrity at all times, the highest levels of education in law and advocacy, the most dedicated professionalism and adherence to our ethical Code.

Carrying out this role is more difficult with the current pressures, however, we need to ensure our profession continues to attract the brightest and the best and that our most experienced and talented advocates stay.  Criminal barristers need to see career progression and not be disadvantaged by the long hours spent in court serving the public interest.

Over the coming months the CBA will continue to advance our position on fees and AGFS reform and lobby for improved working conditions, bringing back dignity to our criminal courts.  We will continue providing the best educational resources for professional improvement and provide updates on proposed legal developments, including consulting you when significant changes are proposed.

Our profession has always faced the challenge of change, whether to Law or technology.  We have adapted.  We will continue to deliver the highest quality advocacy in our criminal courts because to do otherwise is not in our DNA.

The CBA team wish you all well this week in your endeavours.  Be excellent as always.


Tana Adkin KC
The Criminal Bar Association

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