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Monday Message 09.06.14

CBA Chairman’s Update:
Nigel Lithman QC

Monday 9 June 2014

Personal Email: [email protected]

I promised you an edition of the Monday Message in full colour with the opportunity to win tickets to Rio for the World Cup final. Having promised a football edition, I had better provide one as we have been playing a series of friendly warm up matches with the MOJ.
For us have been Nicky Lavender, our considered striker playing a Rooney role, me an unlikely Stevie Gerrard, able to string two words together but not two passes, attacking midfield and Andy O’Byrne, the Northern Circuit Leader as the Joe Hart goalie making sure nothing gets past us.
Truth be told the friendly games have been amicable and constructive and our dialogue continues.
You are aware of the link between the VHCCs and the PDS: when we have found an acceptable basis for doing the VHCCs – and we hope that the current ones will be done almost entirely by the independent criminal bar – the PDS (whose total numbers at 25 following today’s announcement are still confined to the January recruitment) need not increase any further.
How will we know when there is an acceptable basis for doing the VHCCs? A large group of those Counsel who were offered these briefs originally, plus those who have been involved in “AGFs +”, have been gathered by Nick Lavender to road test any proposals.
Abandoning my usual levity for one moment, the seriousness of the games should not be underestimated. Solving the VHCC problem means that those who bring their business into the City can be satisfied that there is in place the proper legal structure and expertise to both prosecute and defend against large scale fraud. At the same time, by ensuring that the work is done by the independent bar, our future generations of younger members will have in place a proper, progressive career structure with the right and opportunity to grow into this type of work.
This week has seen the appointment of my dear friend Patricia Lynch QC  to the Circuit Bench – & our warmest congratulations to her; sadly I also have to announce the death of H.H.J. Michael Brooke.

Meanwhile from  the Derby, the lead up to the World Cup and our talks with government, all pale into insignificance when set against our commemoration of D-Day. On that day, thousands died to ensure that Western democracies could continue to extol freedom and justice as the rights of all their citizens. Let us not forget.
Come on England!

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