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Monday Message 13.07.15

CBA Chairman’s Message: 
Tony Cross QC 

E: [email protected]
T: 07860 692693 

This message is directed at those who have yet to vote.  All I ask of those of you who have yet to do so, is for you to do what you are trained to do -consider the evidence and then vote.  I have said that this vote is a truly seminal moment for the Bar.  It will determine the direction of the Bar, it will determine the direction of your future.  Whatever view you come to on action, whether it accords with mine, or not, you must vote.
For the last two weeks I have set out my views.  You know them well. 
I deplore the cut of 8.75% and have done my level best to try and get Government to reconsider.  They will not.
I despise Two Tier.  There is a simple solution to its mischief. Those that have submitted bids can withdraw them.  They will not. The early indication at the Garden Court meeting that there was a move to withdraw has proved false.  Some say my argument ignores commercial reality.  To them I say if all withdrew, demonstrating a unity of purpose, then no such issues arise.
I believe in negotiation before action and this Lord Chancellor has very clearly demonstrated his belief in the Independent Bar.  His words delivered at Mansion House could not have been clearer.  You will find the speech HERE.  Read it carefully. Then read his speech of two weeks ago HERE.  
But above all I believe in the Independent Criminal Bar.  I promised when I stood for election to stand up for you and I am proud to have done so.
With that brief preface may I ask you to consider the evidence?
You may find it helpful by first considering the views of the current Vice Chairman.  A Vice Chairman, quite like no other – who has dedicated himself to you at the expense of practice and personal and family life – attending meeting after meeting – negotiating, talking, persuading.  A true champion of the Bar in my view, but then I would say that wouldn’t I?  You will find his views HERE.  He of course will be the public face of the CBA from September on and he will have to work closely with the Vice Chairman.
Consider then the views of the two candidates for election as Vice Chairman.  You will find them HERE.   The winner will have to work with the Chairman, the Officers and the Executive and with our sister organisations and Government.
Then may I ask you to consider the contributions to the blog at  It has had thousands of views this last week.  Arguments are raised there, from juniors to leaders, all worthy of your consideration.  If you don’t have time to read every piece consider just two. Simon Csoka’s response to my message of last week and Simon Myerson’s critique of it.  The two sides neatly encapsulated in one place.  You will find the link HERE.
And when you have considered the evidence.  Think on.  Then vote HERE in the ballot and HERE for Vice Chair.

The results of both ballots will be announced at 9.00am on Wednesday the 15th July.

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