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Monday Message 16.01.17

Chairman’s Update: 
Francis FitzGibbon QC


Impostor Syndrome
On 12 January, 70 women attended the first of the CBA’s forums to support women barristers’ career development. Compered by CBA vice-Chair Angela Rafferty QC, the event opened with a message of support from Rafferty LJ (no relation), who was the first woman to chair the CBA and is closely associated with this initiative. Eleven Silks spoke about their varied experiences at the Bar – good and bad. Wisdom and generosity abounded. About seventy women attended, including many nearer pupillage than Silk. The audience and the panel spoke openly about their triumphs and disasters; how to build self-confidence; how to stop feeling like an impostor – not confined to women, of course; how to integrate a successful legal practice into one’s life.  We need to retain the many talented women advocates who leave the profession and don’t come back. The CBA will be continuing this valuable initiative.
New Silks
Congratulations to the 33 new criminal Silks, 13 of whom are women. Live long and prosper.
Summer Ball
The officers and executive committee decided that instead of an annual Dinner this year, the CBA will hold a Summer Ball instead. Aaron is organising it. It will be fabulous. Details to follow.
AGFS  Reform
Conversations continue, online and in real life. You may want to look at what Professor Chalkley has to say, on the Bar Council website. He is he highly respected statistician who helped to design the proposed new scheme. We are happy to post our members’ contributions to the discussion about the reform proposals on the CBA blog. Please forward your posts to [email protected].
Executive Committee
There are 3 places available by election, one of which is for a junior barrister of less than seven years call, and one Silk.  The positions are for a term of three years.  Also for Treasurer and Assistant Secretary.
Nominations must be received by 16.00 on Friday 20 January 2017.
Meetings on Circuit
The Executive Committee will be holding several meetings on Circuit during the year: all members welcome to attend. Dates and venues to be announced.
The House of Commons Justice Committee asked me to give evidence about the implications of Brexit for criminal justice. Answering questions rather than asking them was a novel experience. In a nutshell, I think that the system’s outward face won’t change, but there is a risk of great damage to the hidden wiring, if the multiple arrangements we have with the EU, such as for sharing data and the European Arrest Warrant, are not replicated and in particular if our data protection standards do not maintain equivalence with the EU’s as they evolve over time. If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, you can watch the proceedings here.
Law Commission – Search Warrants
The Law Commission is looking to identify pressing problems to include within the scope of a review of the law search warrants, before issuing a Consultation Paper. They have asked for any comments or suggestions to ascertain what the most pressing problems are and where their focus ought to be. Please send to [email protected]by Wednesday 1 February 2017.
Travel Expenses
This the new guidance for reclaiming travel expenses in AGFS cases.  You will notice that a number of Crown Courts across the country have moved closer to their ‘local bars’, with a corresponding reduction in the allowable rail fares and mileage. We will look into these odd geographical shifts and report back to you. 
David Batcup
A Celebration of the Life of David Batcup will take place at Gray’s Inn Hall at 5pm on Friday January 27th 2017. Space is limited so please contact [email protected] to confirm attendance.

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