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Monday Message 23.12.19

Chair’s Update:
Caroline Goodwin QC




A New Hope:

We have come to the end of a very busy year and the CBA has been working flat out to ensure that we have a continuing profession with a bright future.

All of you are part of that future and together we can ensure that the milestones and achievements that we have made and are in the process of making, will ensure that the Criminal Bar goes on.  We look forward to what will be a new relationship and new dialogue with the powers that be as to ensuring that we have a profession properly remunerated, working in buildings that do not affect our health negatively and seeing a strong profession looking towards a bright future.

We have much to do this coming year and as we close 2019, we need you all to engage with us, providing us with your support, your thoughts and insight to make sure that we are achieving everything that we can.

We are now heavily involved with the overarching Legal Aid Review and the focus is beginning to turn towards ensuring that the Criminal Justice System, of which we are an integral part, is serving to the best of its ability the general public.  We must never forget that it is the general public who require the protection of our great legal system and in order to achieve that we have a fundamental role to play.

The Future:

I attach a link to an amazing project and piece of work undertaken by ‘Behind the Gown’ that is designed to ensure that there is a vibrant and diverse Criminal Bar; our former Chair Chris Henley QC, takes part.  It is really worth watching.

Final film of the year:

It’s been a difficult choice, there are so many and I am extremely grateful to those of you who are now emailing in with your own thoughts on the subject.  Please keep doing that, it is excellent, and it does mean that we may have films which are not necessarily black and white! However, I leave you with a fantastic film starting Charles Laughton and John Mills.  It’s Hobson’s Choice – relax and watch probably one of the greatest actors in Charles Laughton that we ever produced.

Next year, we will feature more contemporary films but don‘t hold your breath! And so, I close this note wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Onwards and upwards

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