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Monday Message 28.11.16

Chairman’s Update: 
Francis FitzGibbon QC


Update on Revision of PACE Codes C, D, & H 
Following a consultation, the revised Codes C, D and H were laid before Parliament on 22 November 2016 together with a draft Order and a Draft Explanatory Memorandum. The revised Codes are expected to come into force in by the end of February 2017, after Parliamentary debate. The consultation documentsinclude a link to the revised Codes.
Lord Bach’s Commission on Access to Justice has published its interim report. It deals mainly with civil law and the failure by the state to ensure access to justice for all citizens and the entrenchment by LASPO of a two-tier justice system.
Among a number of well-made points the report calls for the transformation of legal education for the public: to embed it in the school curriculum, and explore options for lifelong learning in communities. We need better public understanding of law in order to counter the corrosive nonsense that permeates so much of the media, social and mainstream.
Body Worn Video Cameras – Apple Products
I’m grateful to be corrected about the problem mentioned last week: at present only iPads do not support the BWV software, but other Apple products do. The BWV techies have to catch up with Apple’s modification of its IOS operating system, but they are working on it.
Please complete this online collating tool and with your assistance we can relay the data back to those who are able to make improvements. 

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