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Monitoring the ‘No Returns’ Policy

Monitoring the ‘No Returns’ Policy:

From Monday, the ‘No Returns’ policy has been in effect. To help us monitor its efficacy, we would ask all CBA members who are obliged to return a case, to keep an eye on its progress where possible and email us the following information:
Case Name:
Court Centre:
Due to be heard on:
Purpose of hearing: 
Did another counsel/HCA attend in your stead:
By way of example, your email might look like this:
Case Name: R v Smith
Court Centre: Snaresbrook CC
Due to be heard on: March 11th
Purpose of hearing: Sentence
Did another counsel/HCA attend in your stead: No
Outcome: Hearing adjourned
We appreciate this may involve a little work on your part, but proper monitoring will allow us gauge how effective the policy is.
Emails should be sent to [email protected]
We think the effect will be seen by the MOJ very quickly. We will monitor it to protect the juniors and in order to do so will review it on a weekly basis.
We have of course taken account of the correspondence that we have received on the topic.
HERE is a fuller explanation of the RATIONALE for the policy and a longer list of FAQS
HERE is a PROTOCOL for refusal of returns if that is what you choose to do. The protocol document appears below.
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