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Press Release – 30.01.19

We, the current and former Chairs of the Criminal Bar Association of England & Wales, deplore the death threats made against Mr. Richard Egan, the solicitor who represents the fugitive offender Jack Shepherd. Any person accused of a criminal offence, however heinous, is entitled to legal representation and due process under the law.

Threats to lawyers are a direct attack on the rule of law, without which we will be plunged into anarchy and disorder.

On behalf of the Criminal Bar we are proud to stand with Richard Egan and we condemn this cowardly attempt at intimidation of a lawyer discharging his professional duty to the courts and to his client.

Signed by:

Chris Henley QC

Caroline Goodwin QC

Mark Fenhalls QC

Francis FitzGibbon QC

Michael Turner QC

Paul Mendelle QC

Lord Macdonald of River Glaven Kt QC


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