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Statement from the CBA Chair: Appointment of the Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary – 15.09.21

Statement from the Chair of the Criminal Bar Association upon the appointment of the Right Honourable Dominic Raab MP as Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary.

The Criminal Bar Association looks forward to working with the new Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice as part of our collective and on-going work to help restore investment across the entire public criminal justice system.

We look forward to our continuing work with the Government, under the leadership of the new Lord Chancellor, to help rebuild a public justice system upon which our shared societal and economic prosperity relies.

We have sought to work constructively with the Government and our independent judiciary throughout the pandemic, as we have all strived to deliver justice to all members of society.

The criminal justice system is, however, at a tipping point, and we must fund the system properly from policing to the courts, through to our prosecutors and defenders, in order that we can ensure justice is fairly administered and robustly defended.

Jo Sidhu QC


The Criminal Bar Association

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